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Wish list for AT products or solutions

Safe Switch mounting for head rest

For individuals with significant physical disabilities accessing devices is sometimes accomplished via the use of switches.  If the user is using a wheelchair then a switch is often mounted around the headrest area of the chair.  Although there are mounting options commercially available, they are typically rigid in design and may cause injury to an individual with uncontrolled movement.   There is a need for safe switch mounting particularly around the headrest area of a wheelchair.

Sensor system for wheelchair

For independence, being able to use a wheelchair while out and about is very important. Some of the factors which influence this are previous negative experiences which leave the wheelchair user nervous, limited eyesight, lack of balance, use of one hand and poor spatial awareness. Having access to a sensor system, which would alert the user if the chair comes too near an object or curb edge would be of great benefit.  This would apply to both manual and power chairs.

Note taking for the classroom

Notetaking for a student is an important activity during the school lesson/college lecture.  For students who have difficulties with hand writing and typing it can be a big challenge.   In a classroom situation audio recording and voice recognition may not be possible.  A device that may assist with notetaking is something that has the capability of predicting words, phases or ideas, and may possibly be accessed via  a touch screen.

Cooker indicator for individuals with visually impairment

Individuals with visual impairment often obtain limited\no visual feeback  in relation to hot temperatures within a cooker.  Having a device that would indicate what rings or cooker plates are switched on (and their possible temperature) would assist cooking and minimise the dangers for the user.

Device turntable

This project idea is for a specific individual but may have universal uses.  The turntable is the wish of a user who uses a mouth stick to manipulate many things such as their computer, TV or music player  remote controls or turn the pages on a book etc.  However at night when in bed they have limited access to devices due to the restrictions in mobility.  The idea of the turntable is to have access to multiple devices or objects that could be rotated into position with the selection of a switch.

External light weight screen

For individuals who use communication devices they may sometimes have to put them away at mealtimes to protect them.  Also when on buses, communication device are not permitted to be mounted on a wheelchair.  A possible solution may be some type of lightweight screen that is soft and flexible and can be plugged into a user’s communication aid.  Ideally designed for user during transport or at mealtimes.

Smart home technologies

Smart home technologies that give prompted assistance such asking the user what they want to do based on where they were in the house such as opening a door, window or using an appliance.

Additionally the system could also be used to assist with re-ordering food or other supplies online. It would be able to detect a low supply of an item, provide information to the user regarding purchasing options, provide details of user bank credit, make suggestions to the user and order items when confirmed by the user.

Translator for speech that is of a poor quality

Some individuals prefer to use their own voice rather than a communication device even though their speech quality may be poor.  However having a translator for speech that is of a poor quality would be of benefit.  It could be possibly based on voice recognition and on the recognition of facial expressions or body language.  Translator could provide text output that would provide additional assistance to the communication partner.

Lightweight folding power wheelchair

Power wheelchairs are typically very heavy devices and are not suited to transportation within a small car due to the effort required when lifting the chair and the lack of folding options.  Having a very lightweight folding power wheelchair would allow for easy access into a car boot and safe transportation.

Accessibility module

An interface module or standard that provides manufacturers with a standard, easy to install module or provide manufacturers with a method to make their appliance more accessible to a wider audience.  For example, guidelines to enable the interface controls and menus on the device to be accessed by a switch or guidelines on audio feedback.   This could be a small module that a manufacturer builds into all their products.


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