Useful Web Sites

Design for All

  • Centre for Excellence in Universal Design – Dedicated to enabling the design of products, environments and services that can be accessed, understood and used regardless of age, size and ability.
  • Quirky – A social product development company.

Assistive Technology – General

  • Enable Ireland AT – Enable Ireland’s National AT Service.
  • Assist Ireland – AT products directory.
  • AbleData – List of almost 40,000 AT products.
  • Broadened Horizons – Supplier of innovative products that focuses exclusively on individuals with limited or no use of their hands and arms.
  • Unique perspectives – Irish based designer and supplier of innovative AT solutions.


  • – A resource of fun ideas and ‘assistive technology’ aimed at moderate to severely learning/physically disabled people.
  • Game Accessibility – AbleGamers Foundation’s Accessibility Guidelines, a resource tool for game designers who want to make their games accessible.
  • Evil Controllers – Buy parts and get instructions on modifying game controllers.
  • – Nice collection of academic papers, theses, project reports, etc. Articles such as news items and gamer stories and links to audio- and/or video-footage.
  • Game Accessibility Guidelines – Guidance, examples and advice on how and why to cater for gamers with disabilities.
  • GameBase – Blog on accessible gaming affiliated with SpecialEffects (below).
  • IGDA Game Accessibility SIG – International Game Developers Association Game Accessibility Special Interest Group Page.
  • AudioQuake – Pages about the development/adaptation of a mainstream first-person shooter game (Quake) that made it accessible to blind and vision-impaired gamers.

Computer Access

  • COGAIN – Communication by Gaze Interaction is an active network of those involved in the design, development and implementation of Eyegaze systems.
  • AbilityNet – A UK based charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology.


  •  Communication Matters – committed to supporting people who find communication difficult because they have little or no clear speech.


  • My Breath My Music – Great site with accessible electronic instruments for people with physical disabilities.


Make it!

  • Instructables – The ultimate DIY site. If you want to make your design a reality the chances are you will find some helpful information here.
  • Makezine – Make Magazine’s online presence.
  • Handmade Music – Build your own electronic instruments.
  • Arduino – Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.
  • Raspberry Pi – £25 credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. Forums, projects and support.
  • RazorLab – Upload your design, choose your material, get instant pricing, pay online and get it delivered to your door.

Fund it!

  • Kickstarter – The world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.
  • IndiGoGo – International crowdfunding site.
  • Crowdfunding – Independent Wiki on croudfunding.

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