Ok we have all heard of getting your 5-a-day, fruit and veg being an important part of a balanced diet, but a part of the orchestra?

Everyday market fruits and vegetables can be prepared to produce remarkable musical instruments – a carrot kazoo, a cauliflower conch, a squash udu all possible with a little preparation and a lot of vision. Here is one man who never listened when his Mother told him not to play with his food.

A program called ‘growing sound’ is being delivered in both primary and secondary schools in the UK. A cross curricular workshop exploring music, the physics of sound, plant biology, transforming vegetable to instrument and finally the performance of produced instrument. This can link in with many other aspects of curricular activity: vocational subjects, renewable sources of food, engineering etc.

But vegetable instrumental is not merely child’s play as we see the Vienna based vegetable orchestra ; celery guitar, cucumber phone, pumpkin triangle all sound like they could be instruments, but how are parsley, cabbage and a french bean played?

Have you bean inspired?

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